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"Capturing the love in those big brown eyes"



We are so lucky to have the relationship that we do with the furry members of our families. Whether this be the mutual trust and respect of a horse (or pony!), the intelligent, ever enquiring, willingness to learn of a dog through to the fiercely independent cat, that returns to the security of home each evening for a reassuring cuddle and a warm lap. You are here because you have been lucky enough to have this in your life too. 

Here at Victoria Elsmore Photography you can be sure that I completely understand. I have devoted both my professional and personal life to the animals that share it with me. I have learnt their language through my qualifications and years of experience and I know how beautiful they are inside and out. 

So from one animal lover to another welcome to my page, enjoy your visit and I truly look forward to working with you and your furry animal family to help you celebrate their joy, love and devotion.

My Values


Kindness, if you can be kind

Treasure your furry family, love their quirks, their intelligence and embrace the craziness

The welfare of our animals is and always will be our top priority

Cherish every moment, record it and remember!

Patience, patience, patience


My Work







A Little About Me

Qualified Master Photographer in Shropshire,
Qualified in Animal Behaviour and Welfare,

but more importantly a mum of three crazy kiddiwinks and a puppy parent to four dogs.

Hi, I'm Victoria! Thank you for visiting my page and taking the time to find out about me. As you can imagine with two crazy children, a baby and a house full of dogs I have a very busy life. But amongst all of the craziness I have surrounded myself with everything that I love. I treasure my family (both furry and not!) and because of my furry family I understand the need to live life based upon the foundations of love and kindness. And this is what I bring to my business. I understand that to have the love and devotion of an animal of any shape and size is to experience love in its purest form and it is super important to me that I if we are lucky enough to have this in our lives we treasure it, celebrate it and record it.

From the moment you make contact with me you will be looked after and I have quite literally made friends out of clients that will last a lifetime. I have a friendly laid back approach and my priority is absolutely to understand the needs of your pets.  The printed image and the art of photography is important to me. The printed image with the right care is timeless and imagery of 
your pets on your walls makes a house a home where everyone is always reminded of your furry friends capacity to love, make you laugh and feel needed. 


Kind Words



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