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What to expect from your dog's Photography Session

As a qualified animal behaviourist my priority will always be the welfare of your pet. The whole session is designed with your dog in mind.

I have a log cabin studio in my dog friendly garden from which I produce most of my studio work. I can supply you and your dogs with refreshments and a comfortable and relaxed space to enjoy the photography experience......however crazy it may turn out to be!

Upon arriving at my home address you will notice to the side of my property there is a garden gate and a bell. Please give the bell a ring and I will come and collect you to take around to the studio. Please don't ring my front door three dogs love to greet each and every guest with lots of excited barking!

The beginning of your dog's session will start slowly, unless you have a super dog who can instantly adjust to any environment, perform any task and show absolutely no interest in the smells of the dogs that have been in there before.........Dogs are individuals and some will prefer to have a sniff, others will hide behind your legs, or do their best impression of a velcro dog, but don't worry! The sessions start super steady and super slowly to give your dog time to settle and adjust. I always recommend that your bring your own treats, food that your dog is used to eating and that is not too rich and cause tummy upset. I do keep my own supply of treats too, should you forget! I then spend some time entirely ignoring your dog (well I try to, some dogs love to greet me straight away with a big sloppy kiss, or jump up for a cuddle......I don't mind either, please don't worry!) I build trust (this is where the treats come in handy) and we have a chat about what I can expect from your dog and what you can expect from me. I usually take this time to set up backdrops, my lights and get my camera settings organised to allow your dog to become accustomed to the activity. It is only really then when we all have coffee or tea and refreshments that I start to take photographs. The first few are never perfect, dogs are usually at this point either super excited as we have been plying them with treats or the very timid dogs are still wary. The best photographs are usually achieved in the last 2o minutes of the session, simply because your dog has settled to the task at hand and what is required of them, or they have learnt that I am not a threat. I always joke that the best way to go about it is to make it initially entertaining for your dog, then allow then make them bored! Or tired! Either way we can then get some nice chilled out photographs.

Please don't worry that your dog is not good at posing for the camera, I have been doing this long enough to have seen almost everything! I have many many many tricks up my sleeve and with the exception of Willow (my own bichon frise, who feeds off my energy as I am her mum) I have always always achieved a great gallery of images of the dogs that have visited me.

Your session will last between 1 hour and 1hr30mins. I have to be flexible with my timings as working with dogs requires adaptability.

Following your session, you will be invited to attend your viewing appointment, usually approximately 2 weeks following your session. This is where we can have fun building your image packages. I have a wide variety of wall art available for you to purchase and I have a selection of digital packages that you can purchase too. We will take a look at your photographs together, compare and select and I can advise you on the best options with regards to canvas, gallery block or acrylic. If you would like to purchase the digital files and arrange printing yourself that is ok too, I have a number of options. Depending on the product that you order it can take anything between 1 week and 3 weeks in production. I am more than happy to deliver your products to you for a delivery fee, alternatively you can collect from my address for free at a pre agreed time.

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