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Meet Opie

Opie visited my studio a couple of weeks ago to have her photographs taken, and my goodness did I fall in love with her! Such a beautiful dog! And so clever and sociable too!

Opie is a weimeraner, a german breed dog with history dating back in paintings and other records as far as 1630! Weimeraners are HPR gundogs, which means that they hunt (have a fab nose for all those sniffs and are independent and long ranging) they point, when they have found prey they indicate the location and presence with a direct point and freeze behaviour and they retrieve shot game. All of these things mean that they are independent of character, loyal (to return to their handler after long ranging hunts and retrieves) biddable, friendly and have the ability to hold restraint in their prey drive. They are athletic dogs, should be exercised daily.

Opie was a very intelligent girl and her doggy mum had spent so much time in her training that her session was super easy! Opie even has her very own instagram featuring all of her adventures! Opie_opihrafire

Sessions don't always have to be as easy as this though! I have photographed hundreds of dogs and I am a qualified dog behaviourist and trainer. I have seen everything and experienced everything from dogs cocking their leg up backdrops through to rather amorous french bulldogs, it adds to the fun and no photoshoot is ever the same. Everything within my studio is geared towards taking care of you and your dog and I am a constant dog lover.

Heres Opie demonstrating her awesome posing skills!

A couple of weeks after Opie's visit I met with her doggy mum to take a look at her photographs. We sat and had a chat, went through the various options and wall art options too. I love my clients I count everyone as my friends and theres nothing better than spending lots of time just chatting "dog" and cooing over cute pics!

And my goodness didn't Opie do well!

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