How to Dress for Spring and Summer Family Photoshoot

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One of the most important considerations before attending your family photoshoot is without doubt the clothing that you are going to wear. Following a colour theme or a certain style of clothing as part of a theme ties you together within your image as a family. By following a colour theme or style theme it also ensures that there aren't any clashing colours, which will stick out like a sore thumb in your final set of images.

Summer family photographs should always appear light and airy with an emphasis on Summer colours, sunshine and warmth. In practise when it comes to clothing this means avoiding heavy blacks, dark rich colours such as burgundy and bottle greens and opting for crisp whites, pastels and creams. A blue denim is a classic Summer staple for most, whether this be a denim jean, dress, skirt it is a style of clothing that can be worn by most of the family. Dad will no doubt have a pair of denim jeans, children too or a denim shirt dress for a little girl or for mum!

When you team denims and whites as a family theme you produce a relaxed, laid back airy and light feeling to any summer photograph. A Summer family photoshoot should always reflect lazy summer days and laid back family fun.

Stern traditionally posed portraits completely contradict family lifestyle during the spring and summer months and simply do not work, so it is important that you feel completely comfortable in your clothing and that it is a style that you would usually wear. This is especially true for children, we want to avoid uncomfortable itchy fabrics that will affect their mood for the entire photoshoot and dress them in clothes that reflect their personalities and foster their fun and play!

Spring and Summer are also synonymous with floaty florals, chinos, light cheques and gingham! As a family you can combine all four of these provided that you have a strong colour theme linking each of you together. The following gallery contains examples from the British high street.

Things to Avoid

There are a few things that are considered extremely difficult to photograph well in any photoshoot as well as family group specifics. The following list of clothing items should be avoided if possible!

  • Logos of any kind, this can be sports shirts, jumpers, branded clothing, large childrens picture clothing, licensed clothing. Logos detract from the main subjects of the photograph and that is you! They also result in losing the timeless quality of the images created and most importantly they often incorporate additional colours that may clash with the rest of the family.

  • High contrast tight cheques, for example navy and white small checked patterns upset the camera and result in unwanted optical disturbances. In other words they tend to make the camera have a bit of a tantrum!

  • Unless previously arranged really bright colours such as reds, oranges, limes and fluorescent shades. They can be difficult to co-ordinate amongst fellow family members and often result in an intriguing skin reflection of the colour enhancing someone's red flush or creating a jaundiced effect.

Below are some examples of things to avoid.....

I hope this has helped you! It is the most frequently asked question and often the element that causes the most stress! Especially for Mums!

If you need some additional help please don't be afraid to ask! It is something that I love to help with and if needed we can team up online and create a Pinterest board with some ideas for you and your family!

Victoria xx