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Meet Cora the Spotty One

Cora was the most beautiful, well trained dalmatian that I have ever met! Lots of cuddles were had and lots of ear licking too!

Most dogs that visit my studio either fall into the category of basically trained or do not have the basics mastered yet (bless them!) But I have to say that Cora was a pro! We did sit, stay, bow to name a few and she was absolutely not averse to a prop (or two......or three).

The choice of backdrop with Cora was easy and chosen specifically to show up her smooth white fur, and her abundant spots! She also has the most beautiful and intense eyes, so colour choice also had to take this into account.

I wanted to incorporate my signature brown style too, but knowing that the warmth might lose the crispness of her fur I included some red to set her off against the backdrop and to pick out the orange in her eyes. The most important thing to take into account when photographing a white dog against a dark backdrop is to ensure that the camera settings don't overexpose the white and underexpose the dark. Lighting position helps to prevent this too. Cora loved her session and I loved Cora! I also had such a lovely chat with Coras doggy mum about all things dog training! Coras mum works to rehabilitate and re-home dobermans and Cora is chief assistant.

It was a pleasure to meet you both!

Lots of Love

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