Autumn Photoshoot Style Guide

We are well and truly into Autumn and it is my favourite time of year! I love the colours, the festivities and the smells in the air, from smokey chimney pots to leaf mulch, I love it all! You would think this probably explains why I love Autumnal family photoshoots so much, but there is one more thing that makes all of these things even better, and that would be THE LIGHT! Autumnal light is beautiful, soft and swings between the vibrant bright clear frosty skies to the misty, moody muted light brought to us through mist and thick skies. So when you combine the colours of nature with the light you can't help but have a beautiful photograph.......all we then need is you, your family and occasionally some muddy paws and we have your story. Combine these things and you have a stunning representation of love, light and outdoor fun!

So, now that you have booked your scrumptious photography family adventure we have lots to plan! The most important and most valuable thing that you can bring to a photoshoot is yourselves, a smile and an open mind, but there are a few other things to consider that will make that final piece of family art perfect. To make the most of the autumnal colours I suggest that you reflect the season in the clothing that you wear, so when thinking of colours look for rich colours and muted tones. Luckily, the stylists that supply our high street will already have stocked our favourite stores with many autumnal, cosy items for us to choose from, so shopping should be easy. There are however a few tips and tricks that I can offer you to help along the way.......

  1. Look for burgundy, navy blue, browns, rusty oranges, mustards and cosy creams.

  2. Avoid logos, tight checks and black and white.

  3. Character clothing or licensed clothing never works well in a family photoshoot.

  4. Woolly hats are great if you don't intend on taking them off.......if you do then ensure that your bring a hairbrush!

  5. Try to pick colours that both match and compliment each other when looking at the clothing that you are wearing together as a family. Maybe two people could wear similar or the same colours, then throw in a couple of accent colours.

And if you still need some inspiration I have put together a Pinterest board to help you! Take a look at....

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