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Nursery Photography

I love nursery photography! And my nurseries love me too! 

I take all of the admin, all of the organisation away and bring lots and lots of fun for your nursery children! Creating beautiful photographs that your parents will love!

I cover various themes throughout the year including Christmas, Easter and Valentines day and Summer as well as offering simple colour backdrops. 

Once more there is a guaranteed commission on sales for the nursery as a thank you for inviting me to attend

Step 1. 

We arrange a date and time and you pick a theme or plain backdrop.

You can call me on

07359 156 241

to book

Step 2. 

I arrive with my equipment (usually really early depending on the number of children attending in your nursery)

Some nurseries like to arrange time slots for parents who wish to attend with their children and even bring older siblings along too!

usually need approximately 40 minutes to set up. I bring props, lighting and backdrop. Last year at Christmas time I even brought snow and a sledge!

I take the photographs, I then spend 1 week editing and preparing them for your parents. 

Step 3. 

1 week later......

A password protected gallery of images is published securely online, I provide you with an email or letter to send out the login details to your parents, to enable them to view their proofs. 

All of their ordering is done entirely online, with absolutely no paper system. This reduces the back and forth of letters and forms to and from nursery.

Parents are given an order due by date, with the gallery expiring shortly afterwards.

I usually allow 5 days for ordering.

Step 3. 

1 week later.....

I deliver all orders, packed and ready to go to your nursery for you to hand out to the children's parents. 

You can then choose between receiving a commission, a discounted head shot package or a staff gift. 


For further questions or to book please call: 07359 156 241

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