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where life begins and love never ends


I'm Victoria! Mum of three, photographer and crazy dog lady! Thank you for popping over to my site, I hope you are enjoying your stay!

Family to me is everything and having been a family photographer for the past ten years I have seen families of all shapes and sizes. There may be little comedians, shy children, shy adults! Beautiful, content babies, grizzly disgruntled babies. Despite the huge variety I am always left with the sense of love and warmth at the heart of all of the families that I meet. It is this love and warmth that I aim to capture for you.


Mighty oaks from tiny acorns grow

My Services

Baby at Home

Session Fee.............£75.00

Tell the story of your baby at home, so that you can look back on the familiar memories with the warm sense of "home" and "family life" at the heart of each image. Images are best displayed as part of a storybook album.

Sessions are between 1 and 2 hours depending on your requirements and baby.

You are never more yourself than when you are in your own environment.

Tiny Baby 

Session Fee.............£75.00

I specialise in natural newborn photography, this means that in studio sessions my focus is gentle and baby lead. I do not attempt poses that your little one wouldn't naturally fall into during the course of their day. We use wraps, props, backdrops and capture your baby as nature intended, snuggly, sleepy and content. 

Sessions are between 1 and 2 hours depending on the requirements of your baby

Celebrate your little ones tiny features, skin tone, and sweet little face in a beautiful piece of artwork


Bigger Baby

Session Fee.............£45.00

These studio sessions are specially designed for when babies become more interactive. Ideally they suit babies that can sit, though I can produce these sessions so long as babies can support their own neck and head. These sessions are all about sparkly eyes, cheeky smiles and rosy cheeks! And not to forget the dimples!

Sessions are usually complete within 1 hour.



Session Fee.............£45.00

Our children are our greatest achievement in life. Growing up there were always photographs of me and my brother on the walls at home, at my grandparents and aunties homes. As they grow and their personalities develop; they have their loves, dislikes and talents and we can capture all of this in a special portrait that will show them for years to come their own beauty and just how much they are loved.

Your session lasts approximately 1 to 2 hours and is designed to produce an heirloom piece of wall art that you can purchase in various formats and styles after your session



Session Fee.............£45.00

You and your family are one of a kind. The laughter, the craziness and the dynamics between you are all special and worth capturing and keeping forever. The love between you is the most deserved thing to feature as art in your home 

Your session lasts approximately 1 hour and is designed to produce an heirloom piece of wall art that you can purchase in various formats and styles after your session.

Great stories start with little chapters......

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Little Shropshire Mum Blog


Nursery Photography

I have been working as a nursery photographer for 10 years now visiting many nurseries local to me offering a range of services from Christmas themed photoshoots throughout October and November through to Standard nursery sessions and seasonal themes throughout the rest of the year. 

I am always grateful in my work that my only goal is to make a child smile. None of the posed, half shy, half forced smiles we aim for cheeky sparkly eyes and lots of fun! We all need some crazy in our lives and if it takes puppets, silly squeaky voices and simple jokes or gentle nurturing talk of fairies and superheroes I try to put all children at complete ease and absolutely no pressure at all. 

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